Cheetah Builder Latest News

Server Upgrades


Over the last few weeks we have been working many hours behind the scenes to improve the performance of Cheetah Builder and our network. We have upgraded our servers to a more recent operating system in addition to adding 2 load balancers to our network cluster and improving our database performance. As Cheeteh Builder gains more customers we will be able to easily add new servers to our network cluster so your website performance will never deminish. Please stay tuned for more Cheetah Builder updates!

Beta Launch!


We are very excited to have recently launched our Beta version of Cheetah Builder! This new service is like no other. Our service will allow you to have a completely custom-built web site which you can fully control yourself. Any time you want to make changes, just log into your admin section and make them yourself. No need to get a hold of us to make the change for you. If you can use any word processor or email program, you can use our software. No HTML experience required! Please continue to check back on the site to see the latest changes and updates.