How to Make the Most of Facebook’s New See First Feature

  • Author: Chris Gmyr

    With the recent changes in Facebook, your followers now have the option of seeing posts from your page at the top of their streams, instead of mixed in with hundreds of other updates or, in many cases, not at all. This is exactly what business owners have been waiting for--the chance to let their followers see more of their posts without having to pay for advertising. The challenge is getting users to take that option.

    The best way to encourage your followers to opt into the “see this page first” setting is to just come out and ask them to do it. You might word your statement like this:

    “Facebook recently introduced a new setting to make it easier to see updates from your favorite pages. If you’d like to see more of our posts, visit our profile page, click on ‘liked’ and select the “See First” option. This will place our posts near the top of your stream, so you never miss an update.”

    You can (and should) also encourage followers to like, comment, and share your statuses, or share your page. Many businesses do a giveaway or other contest to draw followers. For example, you might do a drawing for a prize pack or offer all of your followers a special discount once you reach a certain number of fans.

    Of course, gaining followers is only half of the equation. It’s not enough to have people like your Facebook page. To see any real benefit, you have to encourage them to interact with your page, as well. Ask questions. Start discussions. The better you are at developing opportunities for interaction, the more likely you are to see the rate of interaction you’re hoping for.

    What many of your followers might not realize is that interacting with your brand through Facebook is a great way to support your small business. The interactions do more than just make your page show up in their feed with better regularity; it improves the chances of your other followers seeing your posts, too. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask your followers for their support, and then let them know how they can best provide it.

    You can’t assume that your followers already know about this new Facebook feature. Many of them likely don’t. You have to be proactive and let them know. Explain how to access the See First feature for your page, and encourage them to do so.

    With Facebook’s latest push towards personalized streams, it’s going to be much harder to get your statuses in front of your followers unless they regularly interact with your page or otherwise let Facebook know that they are still interested in seeing what you post. The See First feature is the best way, and one of the easiest ways, to do that.

    What do you think about Facebook’s new See First feature? Have you used the new option yet for any of your favorite pages?

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